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Osteoporosis Cause and Picture - The consequences of osteoporosis are devastating.

Like skin, bone constantly regenerates itself. The process works like this: Cells known as osteoclasts eat away old bone, while cells known as osteoblasts lay down new bone at the site of the old bone. It is a constantly ongoing process, which keeps the human skeletal structure strong.

Unfortunately, after the age of 35 the work of the bone-building osteoblasts begins to slow, while the osteoclasts continue to eat away at old bone structure at virtually the same pace as before. The end result is that the osteoblasts are unable to replace old bone fast enough to keep up with the ever-efficient osteoclasts.

This process appears to be an integral and orderly part of growing old. Like wrinkling skin, it generally proceeds very slowly in humans, corresponding with the normal aging process. Yet in a certain percentage of individuals the bone loss process seems to be accelerated, with some individuals losing as much as 1% or more bone density every year after reaching middle age. Scientists now estimate that for every 10% bone density loss, risk of fracture doubles.

Eventually, the bone can become so weak and brittle it fractures upon impact at even a mild bump or fall. In some cases, the weight of the body alone can cause the brittle, thinning bones to break. According to osteoporosis researcher Betty Kamen, Ph.D., Sometimes the bone actually breaks first-before a fall-and the break is the cause of the fall.

Is Calcium the Answer?

The popular media would have Americans believe that lack of dietary calcium is the chief reason for osteoporosis, and that calcium supplementation is the answer to the problem. But serious researchers now know that this is not completely true.

For example, many indigenous populations in nutritionally disadvantaged countries, such as Africa, exhibit little, if any, evidence of osteoporosis in spite of their low calcium intake. Conversely, indigenous populations in countries where calcium intake is higher than average rarely demonstrate any thicker bone densities than the surrounding populations where calcium intake is significantly lower.

Calcium alone is clearly not the problem. Here in the U.S., calcium literally abounds in foods such as milk, cheese, wheat and other whole grains, fish, eggs, chocolate, broccoli, leafy green vegetables, kidney beans, black beans, navy beans, ice cream and even the non fat milk solids and whey used abundantly in processed baked goods. Yet the osteoporosis crisis grows exponentially greater, year after year – even as Americans strive to add more and more calcium to their diets!

The Worst Calcium Myth

Of all probably the very worst myth about calcium and osteoporosis is that the calcium found in certain brand name antacid tablets is perfect for helping build bones and preventing osteoporosis. This is held as gospel by the popular media, as well as by many doctors, who should know better. In truth, not a single medical test has ever been conducted anywhere that we know of to show that the form of calcium used in the antacids can be utilized by the human body to build bone or prevent the dread disease!

In fact, cutting edge work done by independent researchers has demonstrated conclusively that the form of calcium used in the antacid tablets is one of the least absorbable forms of calcium in existence. This is a classic case of the advertising strategy known as positioning . The strategy is obviously effective, but we have serious doubts about the supposed bone building effectiveness of the antacids themselves!

The KEY is Calcium Absorption and Metabolism!

The problem, as you’ll see later in this report, is that calcium absorption and metabolism for the purpose of building bone is virtually impossible without the correct form of calcium, plus proper balances of several other vital nutrients that work hand-in-hand with calcium to aid the osteoblasts in building bone.

We’ll discuss this issue in more depth in just a moment. And we’ll show you how to help halt and yes, even reverse osteoporosis – using very small amounts of a special high-absorption form of calcium from a unique sea algae, combined with an all natural hormonal form of Vitamin D 3, and several specific minerals. This unique formulation - which boasts a phenomenal 95% success rate in building bone mass, as documented in over 300 medical treatment studies – allows the calcium to be properly metabolized by the body for the purpose of increasing bone mass. But


first, let’s take a look at several other problems associated with the conventional treatment of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis Picture and Image
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osteoporosis patient picture

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